Newsletter of the Haitian Art Society

VEVE is the newsletter of the Haitian Art Society. It is a benefit of membership and is published quarterly.  It contains no advertising and features articles on Haitian Art, artists, collectors, members, current events, interviews, exhibitions and much more.  Thank you to all our VEVE contributors.

Matt Dunn - Editor-in-Chief

Ed Gessen – Editor

VEVE logo by Chawne Paige

VEVE - Issue #1 February 2021
VEVE - Issue #2 April 2021
VEVE - Issue #3 July 2021
VEVE - Issue #4 November 2021
VEVE - Issue #5 February 2022
VEVE - Issue #6 July 2022
VEVE - Issue #7 December 2022

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Mission Statement: 

The Haitian Art Society, formed in 2003, is an international, non-profit membership organization designed to strengthen and expand interest in, and understanding of, Haitian Art and Artists. The HAS is a thriving community comprised of art collectors, gallerists, museum professionals, scholars, and researchers all connected by a mutual appreciation and affection for Haitian Art. We also produce an Annual Conference for members with symposia, private home collection tours, special exhibitions, and social events. We are an all-volunteer organization.