Collections Overview

The Collections section is a totally new and unprecedented addition to our website and to our overall mission. It will provide an opportunity to view some of the finest public and private collections of Haitian Art ever assembled. One of the most enjoyable and memorable aspects of the HAS Annual Conferences has been visits to our member’s homes, museums, and galleries to view Haitian artworks. This site will provide the opportunity to do that on-line. If you would like to submit photos of your artworks for possible consideration and inclusion on our website, email us high quality photographs with all the relevant information to:

We will need the following information for each photographic submission:

  • Medium (Painting, Flag, Metal Sculpture…)
  • Title
  • Artist
  • Year/Date
  • Dimensions
  • Interesting notes

Your collection submission can be any quantity of photos (minimum 4 items) either designated anonymous, or with your name included.

Here are the minimum requirements for how to photograph your artworks to obtain “professional quality”. If your photos are problematic, we will let you know!

  • Use a digital camera (16 Megapixel or greater). Cell phone images will not usually be of sufficient quality
  • Resolution: 2048 pixels (on the longest side)
  • Consistent lighting, properly exposed (True Colors) outdoors works best
  • Straight angles (camera sensor perpendicular to center of artwork)
  • Use a tripod or a very steady hand
  • Utilize a consistent white background if possible

If you have questions, plan to submit photos, or would like to discuss, please contact us.

Thank you and Best Regards,


Matt Dunn
Board of Directors, Haitian Art Society