A brief overview of the Haitian Art Society

HAS Overview

The Haitian Art Society was formed in 2003 as an international membership organization designed to strengthen and expand interest in, and understanding of, Haitian Art and Artists. The HAS is a thriving community comprised of art collectors, gallerists, museum professionals, scholars, and researchers all connected by a mutual appreciation and affection for Haitian Art.

HAS is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. Our members hail from the US, Canada, France, UK, and Haiti…and the list is growing. 

Our world-class website contains the largest virtual collection of Haitian Art on the web. Other features include a blog on current events happening in the greater world of Haitian Art, resource listings, academic papers, and research topics. We are currently developing a comprehensive database on artists, examples of their works, and other resource materials such as books, periodicals, gallery’s, and other places to learn about Haitian Art.  Our members currently have relationships with many of the prominent galleries and museums that feature Haitian Art and we plan to have further interaction with these experts. Other areas of focus will include historical information on past exhibitions, and on-line visits to some of largest and most prominent private Haitian Art collections in the world.

In addition to the new website and our quarterly newsletter VEVE, the Haitian Art Society will continue to host an Annual Conference to bring together aficionados of Haitian Art from around the world to meet and enjoy a few days of events and discussions on this topic. We typically host panel discussions, local museum and gallery visits, and private collection home tours. In the previous 19 years we have held Annual Conferences in the following cities:

2003 - Washington, DC
2004 - New York City, NY 
2005 - Montreal, Canada
2006 - Miami, FL 
2007 - San Diego / Los Angeles, CA
2008 - Waterloo, IA / Chicago, IL
2009 - Washington, DC
2010 - Pittsburgh, PA
2011 - New Orleans, LA
2012 - New York City, NY
2013 - Atlanta, GA
2015 - Paris, France
2016 - Port-Au-Prince/Cap-Haitien, Haiti 2016 - San Francisco / Northern California
2017 - Waterloo, IA / Chicago, IL
2018 - East Coast / West Coast Florida 2019 - Washington, DC 2020 - Postponed Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic
2021 - San Diego, CA (including Orange County and Los Angeles) - Postponed

We are establishing Regional Chapters in 5 geographic areas where members can enjoy local events and get togethers in NYC, Washington, DC, Florida, and California. Our goal is to make the Haitian Art Society and our website the premier destination for all things “Haitian Art”. We hope you will join us on-line and in person.