Turenne Des Pres, Francois (Haitian, 1907-1990)

François Turenne des Pres was born in 1907 in the Caribbean Island of Haiti. From his early 30s onward, Turenne des Pres traveled and painted extensively, between the islands, New York and throughout the South of France, where he met his wife, who’s family introduced him to legendary French Impressionist Raoul Dufy. From that point forward, Raoul Dufy became his mentor, both in France and in New York.

As an author François Turenne des Pres also collaborated on writings with actor Danny Kaye. Turenne des Pres exhibited all over Europe, the USA and the Caribbean Islands. His paintings have earned accolades from, amongst many, art aficionado Jonathan Demme (The Academy Award winning film director - 'Silence of the Lambs' and ‘Philadelphia’).

A dozen paintings by François Turenne des Pres are part of the permanent collection at the California Afro-American Museum in Los Angeles (CAAM), alongside those of Hector Hyppolite, the most renowned of all Haitian artists.  Collectors of Turenne des Pres’ artwork include legendary lyricist Bernie Taupin (of Elton John fame), Grammy Nominated Jazz Musician Bunny Brunel, famed French attorneys Drujon D’Astros and numerous others all over the world. François Turenne des Pres passed away in 1990 in San Diego. 

In 1992 Universe Publishing and Rizolli Books released Children of Yayoute, a book of François Turenne des Pres’ folktales of Haiti and Caribbean art. The release was featured in numerous news outlets including CNN Headline News. 

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