Temple Na-Ri-VéH, a film by Alberto Danelli

Temple Na-Ri-Véh has been run by Jean-Daniel Lafontant for the last 25 years.

Temple Na-Ri-Véh, a spiritual compound that provides shelter, food and services to the local community in the heart of Port-Au-Prince. 

In Temple Na-Ri-VéH's tradition of providing safe haven for the community, since the 2010 earthquake, four families and seven children have called this compound home. Its walls have given them refuge during the most tumultuous years in Haiti's recent history.

On the evening of August 24, 2021, the housing provided to these families and children burned down. Segments of the Vodou Temple -- which acts as a spiritual centerpiece of the compound for the local population, containing rare pieces of Haitian art and sacred objects -- was also destroyed.

The results of this disaster have been devastating.  The families have lost critical legal documents that are extremely difficult to attain in Haiti, as well as their small but consequential savings and possessions in the fire. Even recently purchased supplies and uniforms for the children to go back to school are now in ashes.

We are asking those with the ability to donate what they can to assist in helping us rebuild to ensure Temple Na-Ri-VéH can continue to serve the needs of these families and children and the community at large.

Please contribute to help rebuild the temple via GoFundMe.