Smith, Antoine (Haitian, 1943–2009)

Antoine Smith was born on November 17, 1943 in at Soissons-la-Montagne. He comes from a family of painters - Denis Smith, Antoine Smith, Jocelyne Smith dit Oceli. Smith is part of the second generation of the Saint-Soleil Movement. In 1973, he started working under the direction of Jean Claude Garoute (Tiga) and with his cousin Saint-Jacques Smith. Three of his nine children – Wagner, Juler and Flambert – became painters.

In 1977, Smith along with 33 member of the Saint Soleil Movement were invited to participate in the Festival of Theater in Nancy, by Jacque Long, the French Minister of Culture. In 1979, he and 12 members of the Saint Soleil movement went to Poland to participate in an international seminar on theater and Vodou organized by Maud Robart and Tiga with Jerzy Gratowski.

Antoine Smith died on September 9, 2009.

Marasa, n.d.
Marasa, n.d.
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