Noze, Patrick (Haitian, b.1962)

Born in Haiti in December 11,1962 in the province of Jeremie 'City of Poets'.  Patrick Noze was introduced to the world of art years before achieving International success, by way of his father, Robert Noze. Robert had his own art history as a renown Sculptor. He studied under his father, Andre Dimanche, making Patrick Noze a third generation Sculptor and painter.

At the age of 5, Patrick's father, presented him with a box containing oil paint and brushes; and he has never stop painting . Patrick became recognized as an artist at the age of 12 . After painting his rendition of a painting entitled ('Rara') ,  a celebration of pass over within the Haitian culture. His father overwhelmed with his first attempt, sold the painting for $50.00 to a tourist who fell in love with his laymen application of colors. 

Patrick Noze specializes in subjects ranging from realism, surrealism , impressionism, abstract, sculpture and portraits.

“I am always thinking about the wonders of the world from its simplest to its most complex shapes. To my eyes, the world is a large canvas. Everything I see, dream  or I encounter I use as an inspiration for my work. "

In 1976 I entered the United States and begins studying art, through private lessons at the School of Visual Arts in New York where I concentrated in anatomy  and color techniques.  In 1979 I entered Franklin Delano Roosevelt, High school  majoring in Fine Arts with a focus in Painting and sculpture. Upon graduation I received, the "Delano Metal of Honor, with a full scholarship to Cooper Union.  However, I declined and attended Pratt Institute, School of Art and Science.  While there I Majored in fine arts with a minor in education. Presently I am very involved in my community and serve on a voluntary basis on the Advisory Council for Art in Cultural Affairs. In Orange County, Florida.

Combat De Vertières, 1995
Combat De Vertières, 1995