Magloire, Ramphis (Haitian, b. 1961)

Ramphis Magloire was born on April 14, 1961 in Petionville, Haiti. His father was a house painter and his mother is the internationally known painter, Louisianne St. Fleurant, with whom he lives in Petionville. In reply to a question posed to him by Fred Lambrou and published in the HAITIAN ART NEWS, about how he decides what to paint, Ramphis describes sitting in front of an empty canvas, feeling comfortable and at ease. " As I begin to paint, I feel that I have a 'problem' and this 'problem' stays with me until the painting is finished." Ramphis is a quiet, soft spoken young man who claims that his work is dictated to him by the spirits. A painting of his graces the cover of the Selden Rodman book " Spirits of the Night". He is the older brother of the late Stivenson Magloire.  His sister, Magda is also a prominent artist.

Vodou Spirits, 1990s
Vodou Spirits, 1990s
Gessen Collection