Rappahannock ‘sanctuary’ of the Haitian art world

They came by the dozens to the Town of Washington from across the United States and around the world: New Orleans, New York, California; Canada, England, France and beyond.

Posted by mattdunndc on November 21, 2019

The Haitian Art Society knows no borders, composed of national and international art collectors, artists, dealers, and gallery owners. Even the Haitian Ambassador to the United States was in attendance this past Sunday at the home of former Washington Mayor John Fox Sullivan and his wife Beverly, she at the center of compiling what is considered to be one of the finest Haitian art collections anywhere, more than 200 prized works.

“A visit to John and Beverly Sullivan's collection is a trip into the minds of artists who are storytellers,” said Axelle Liautaud, president of the renowned Le Centre d’art in Port au Prince. “The paintings are rich with color and imagination. The sculptures are bold and beautiful. The choices they made as collectors vary in style and the artists range from the most famous to unknown ones, but every single piece is exceptional in quality. Beverly and John’s home is a sanctuary for a collection of Haitian art that some museums would dream of having. The bucolic setting is in perfect harmony with the poetic art in their home.”

Appropriate food for this most unique occasion was prepared by Rappahannock caterer Terry Lehhman. “Much rum punch,” added John. Observed Beverly: “I am so pleased we could turn Little Washington and Rappahannock into the epicenter of the Haitian art world, if only for six hours.”

By John McCaslin