Trading Post Overview and Instructions

How to list art on the HAS Trading Post

The HAS Trading Post

The Trading Post has been established as a place to help members exchange art. It will be similar to Craigslist. If you would like to list art for sale, you can do that here. If you are looking for something special for your collection, you can post that request here as well. This space is not intended to compete with galleries, eBay, or auction houses, it is simply designed to be a valued added service to our paid membership. Our belief is that anything that drives attention to our website and encourages Haitian Art in general, is good for the entire community. As they say, “A high tide raises all ships…”. And through our modest listing fees, it will become a new source of ongoing revenue to support our organization.

Here’s how it works. To sell an item, simply fill out the Trading Post listing Form with the following information (if known):

  • Artist (first and last name)
  • Title (or subject)
  • Medium (oil on canvas, on board, metal sculpture)
  • Dimensions of Art unframed (height, width)
  • Dimensions of Art framed (height, width) - Optional
  • Date of work (or date range)
  • Condition (Excellent, very good, good, fair, poor)
  • Provenance / Condition Notes (note any damage or issues)
  • Sales Price

Your Name
Your Contact info (email or phone for inquiries)

Photographs (you may include up to 6 photos per piece) Email photos to:

The Listing(s) will be active for 90 days. Please notify when art is sold, so we can delist it. There will be no refunds on listing fees, nor any additional fees if sold. Listing fees will be as follows per piece based on the original listing price: