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Hyppolite Show and Haitian Art Society Conference. Washington DC June 11-13, 2009
photos by Bill Bollendorf unless otherwise noted

Tony Fisher and Jane Uptegrove

Rockefeller & Fritz Racine

John & Beverly Sullivan

The Museum of the Americas

Florence Merceron

LouverturePoisson/ Bwa Kayman

Daniel Silva

Jonas Karvelis

Timothy Carroll & Beverly

OAS Building all decked out


Gay Cioffi and Anne Gessen



Morning Panel, Distinguished Experts Gerald Alexis, Marc Christophe, Bill Brubaker, Astrid Jeager

LeGrace Benson, Moderator

Hyppolite Death Mask

The Naders and Kay Heller

Ed Gessen, Nancy Josephson, Bill Bollendorf Photo by Ann Gessen

Legrace and Sidney Jenkins

Nancy J, Ed and Anne Gessen

Anne Grimmer's house

vintage Duffaut at Anne Grimmer's

Karen, Kent, Ann Grimmer Tony Fisher photo

Sullivan collection, one wall

Timothy, scrumptious

Zooey Kafry


Zooey & Carl Fombrun

Back on the bus


 More photos, page 2