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Some auction highlights from eBay in 2006

Almost every day one or more Haitian paintings are sold in an eBay auction.  Some of the paintings are listed as highly collectible Haitian artists.  In recent years, however, HAS members have reported increased frequency of fakes and dubious artist attributions among Haitian painting listings on eBay -- Caveat emptor means Let the Buyer Beware !!

JE Gourgue 24x20

Sold at $2,660 

Jan 28 2006

Montas Antoine 30x25

Sold at $1,500 on Feb 11 2006 by Slotin Folk Art

Micius Stephane 16x20

Sold at $1,525 

Feb 13 2006

Gerard Valcin 16x24

Sold for $1,261

Feb 13 2006

Louverture Poisson 17x22 'Baptism' 1954

Sold at $800

March 5 2006

Luckner Lazard 33x13

Sold for $1,376

Mar 16 2006

Castera Bazile 23x26

Sold at $2,100

Mar 18 2006

Cottone Auctions


Updated April 23 2013