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A page of images to honor Andre Pierre

Andre Pierre was born around 1916 in Port-au-Prince. His first paintings were done inside the hollowed gourds (calabash) used for ceremonial offerings to the loas of Haitian Vodou, and he later began painting on board and canvas. Seven of his calabash paintings from the 1950s are pictured in the 1995 exhibition catalog ‘Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou. ’ Andre Pierre is considered one of Haiti's greatest painters. His art works have been reproduced in many books on naive and religious art, and have decorated the covers of several of these, including Selden Rodman's 'Artists in Tune With Their World - Masters of Popular Art in the Americas.' In the concluding chapter of his 1969 book 'Voodoo and the Art of Haiti' author Sheldon Williams called Andre Pierre the worthy successor of Hector Hyppolite as the pre-eminent painter of the Haitian loas.


Andre Pierre died on October 4 2005 at his residence in Croix-des-Missions, north of Port-au-Prince.

Agoue calabash 14x10x4

Maitresse Delai 10x8 on board

Baron Samedi 26x16 on canvas

Book Cover 1982 -- click on photo for link about book

Ceremony for Damballah (with Issa & Andre looking on) Collection of Janet Feldman, on exhibit at Burns Library of Boston College

La Sirenne La Baleine 20x24

Andre Pierre -- Photo by Bill Bollendorf November 1984 -- Click on the photo to see more

AP with one of his paintings

Pantheon of the Loas exhibited as a triptych









Updated October 6, 2005