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Internet Galleries Selling Haitian Art

I. Based in the USA

Galerie Macondo  

Cantave Haitian Art

Nancy Forrest at 

Edourad Duval Carrie  

Arts of Haiti Research Project 

Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti

Medalia Art

Haitian Art Company  

Haitian Art Spot  

Cavin Morris Gallery and 

Haitian Art Collection

The Electric Gallery

 Galerie D'Art Nader 


Pan American Art Gallery   

The Franciscus Collection 

Indigo Arts Gallery

Ridge Art

Nicole Gallery 

Art Haiti

Arte del Pueblo

Galerie Bonheur

Studio Wah

Galerie Martelly

Interiors Fine Art 

Bolivar Gallery

Haitian Art Corner

Masa Art Gallery

Haitian Art Factory

Tresors D'Haiti

FolkArt & Craft Exchange 

Candice Russell's Haitianna

City Zoo Art 

World Art Galleries

Douglas Yaney Gallery 

Galerie Lakaye 

Worthington Gallery West 

Reme Art Collection 

Gallery C 

San Angel Folk Art 

Antreasian Gallery 

Caribbean Artworks 

Haitian Masters 

Le Couleurs: Art of Haiti 

MARIPOSA - New York 

Exume Fine Art Consulting,accountNumber,JLX9155.html 


Vivant Art Collection 

Studio Juliano Haitian Art


Milescapes Haitian Art 

II.  Based in Haiti and the Caribbean

Cerulia Galeria

Galerie Bourbon Lally 

Expressions Art Gallery 

Haitian Art Gallery

Galerie Metisse 

Carrie Art Collection 

Creole Art Online

Gallery of West Indian Art

Gingerbread Gallery

Savannah Gallery

Galerie Le Clocher  

Loblolly Gallery 

Galerie Monnin 

III.  Based in France

Agwe Galerie

Galerie Antoinette Jean 

Espace Loas 

Tropical Art 

  Haitian Vodou Flags

The book Haitian Vodou Flags by Patrick Arthur Polk is available from Amazon -- click on the flag for a direct link

Aida Wedo flag by Azor

  Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou

 Also available at Amazon, books by Donald Cosentino Vodou Things: The Art of Pierrot Barra and Marie Cassaise (Folk Art and Artists Series) and Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou (Fowler Museum) -- click on the image of the bottle for a direct link

Bottle for Ezili Danto

  Haitian Paintings

There are many books about Haitian Painting -- Bob Corbett has assembled an extensive bibliography which has a clickable link on the image of this painting

Three Coastal Sirenes by Joseph Cantave


Last Updated  May  23  2012