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You are invited to join the Haitian Art Society

The Society was formed in 2003 to strengthen and expand interest in and understanding of Haitian Art and Artists.  Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the art of Haiti, whether as a collector, a gallery owner, an artist, a student, a scholar, or any other appreciator of Haitian art.

In addition to maintaining this web site, the Haitian Art Society organizes Conferences at which members are able to view and to discuss public and private collections of Haitian art.  To find out about our next Conference click on the "HAS Events and News" link to https://sites.google.com/site/haitianartsociety/home

Annual membership dues are only twenty-five dollars per person.  To join HAS click this link:  https://sites.google.com/site/haitianartsociety/membership 

HAS c/o Cammie Scully & Kent Shankle, co-Presidents 

Waterloo Center for the Arts, 225 Commercial Street, Waterloo, IA 50701



To make sure that you are on the HAS email list or to update your correct email address, send an email to haitianartsociety@gmail.com

Thank you for interest, and your support!

Questions? Please feel free to contact HAS


During our recent annual HAS meeting in New Orleans, it was suggested that it is a good time to establish a voluntary Board of Directors for our group. I have discussed this concept with several active members who were in attendance, and all were in favor of forming the Board. Several members have already agreed to participate as Directors. They are:

Ed Gessen

Tony Fisher

Jose Zelaya

LeGrace Benson

Bob Brictson

Kay Heller

Ms. Axelle Liautaud

Beverly Sullivan

Since Cammie and Kent are already the Co-Presidents of HAS, I (Ed Gessen) have volunteered to be the Vice President of the Board. If we think we need to add more members, we can always ask a few more to lend a hand. We would of course welcome active participants!

The purpose of the Board is simply to provide additional informal leadership to the HAS group.

1)       Provide a core group of active members to help address issues that may arise (a 'sounding board')

2)       Have a group of pre-agreed volunteers to help with future trip planning

3)       Provide input to determine policy issues

4)       Have a key group of members to be the HAS 'Cheerleaders' to help promote and communicate ideas to the general membership

5)       Help with any duties or projects that the Co-Presidents may wish to outsource to the group

A)      Create a Face Book page (in process)

B)       Help build a membership roster

C)       Assist with updating the HAS website

D)      Comment on policy issues as they arise

6)       There is no set term for service, nor process for elections, as this is an all-volunteer group for now. This can always be modified in the future. At the outset, less structure is probably best as we will learn more as we go forward. We can become more formal if that becomes necessary.

7)       It is not expected that the Board will travel to attend Board meetings, but will communicate by email and phone as a usual method of communications.

8)       The Board members can meet at our Annual Event to discuss and address any outstanding issues.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ed Gessen

Board Vice President




Last Updated on  April 23  2013